Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Studio Visit Magazine

Ok, I take it back. After my grumpy post yesterday I got home and the actual magazine had arrived in the mail. It actually looks pretty damn nice. There's some exceptional talent in the pages, including Chelsea James who I featured on my blog All The Art Out There not too long ago. I look forward to looking at some of the other artists' websites as well. I guess I was just feeling the bleak negativity of a Monday morning. And I have a tendency to feel that if I get into something like this it only proves that it couldn't have been particularly competitive or prestigious to begin with. Low self esteem is always fun to have around.

The magazine is not generally available, being distributed primarily to galleries and curators. Although if anyone really wanted a copy I'm sure it can be ordered by contacting them through the website: www.studiovisitmagazine.com

1 comment:

cile said...

Monday, Monday...can't trust that day......

The plates are beautiful. Years from now when Linden is having her first beer you will find this on the shelf and have a completely different perspective on what you are looking at today.

Dollars-to-donuts, you will be smiling.