Tuesday, June 26, 2012

artist statements

One of the fascinating things about trying to write an artist statement is how the art almost immediately tries to slip the confines of your words. Creativity is an act of living, of changing, of growing and evolving. It is not difficult to describe where it's been, what it has accomplished in the past, but you can never guess where it will go next, in the same way that a biography can never be complete about someone still alive.

If I say my paintings are about the night, daylight is sure to creep in. If I say my work is always about narrative, I find myself depicting form and stillness. What exactly are the idiosyncratic elements that make my work recognizable? Is it my palette? I'm bound to try a new pigment. Is it my brush strokes? I Grab a new brush and try a different technique. If I did not do these things my would work would quickly become dull and rote. And yet there is a commonality, some spark of me is in them that others can recognize even many years apart. What is it? If I could tap into that, describe it, sum up my soul as it were, I'd have a fine artist statement.

my latest effort is now up on my website if anyone is curious: davidcarmacklewis.com

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