Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Four Fire Studies

 These are pretty fun to do. My hope is to eventually do a series of twenty or so and pair them with images of objects and animals being lit from a low warm light source as if by fire. I've got a few other pieces and done and more of course in the works. I seem to be putting together some kind of thematic show, a sort of large visual essay on fire. I've got a piece on a forest fire in the works too. There's something about the fact that fire is both a natural and destructive force that makes it akin to human beings themselves. The way we were able to harness it for our own comfort and convenience plays no small role in what makes us so destructive and powerful force in the world.

The color on these may not totally accurate. When I get home I'll document everything more accurately.
Each one is oil on paper, approx. 11" x 17"

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