Friday, October 25, 2013

Preview at Playa

Here's a quick look at the work set up in my studio at Playa for the "Playa Presents" tomorrow evening (see previous post). I've got three or four more small pieces on paper that should be done by then but this is pretty much the show. The centerpiece is my forest fire painting that will be 4 feet high and 9.5 feet long when it's eventually stretched onto a frame. Opposite are two series, one of close-ups of fires, the other of various objects lit at night (presumably by fires). There's also a painting that I jokingly think of as the "Truffula Seed". And just to mix things up I made a little rock color wheel on the studio floor from gravel gathered from the driveway.

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RPCV_Pacific said...

If I were able, David, I'd buy all your starry skies work! Love it!