Thursday, March 6, 2014


So it was weird. Usually when someone contacts me via email about my art all out of the blue, as it were, it's usually some kind of scam. Apparently it's not too hard to soak artists of what little money they have with a promise of career boosting promotion. But this turned out not to be a little different. And now I've got six pieces available as prints or as cell phone and laptop covers. Which is kind of cool.

 Turns out they saw my work on a site I sometimes follow called In December they had a contest of sorts and asked artists to post their work in the comment thread. The top "comments" would be featured on the blog. So I played the social networking game, posted my piece "Barricade" (or was it "Playhouse"? I posted one then it got lost somehow and then posted the other) then got on Facebook to tell people to bump me up. So thanks everyone who did that. Guess it paid off. Booooooom never featured my work but the guy at Gelaskins contacted me after seeing it there and now, here we are.

I have to admire their business model quite frankly. It's almost like a soft scam. They find new artist to feature on their skins, the artists hype the stuff, and they get a flurry of new sales. The 12.5% licensing fee for the skins is standard for the industry but won't amount to much money for me. Still, it's kind of fun, and I'm glad to finally be able to offer some people a few prints (even better at 20%). There's always a lot more people who enjoy my work than can possibly afford an original.

you can check out the stuff here:

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