Saturday, February 7, 2015

A Trip to Boardman

On February 6th I got a long tour of PGE's coal fired power plant near Boardman, Oregon. I took a ton of photos as reference material for future paintings that will tie into my ongoing series about fire. Here's just a few:
A view of the plant from the access road
Inside these guys the coal in the form of fine dust is blown up into furnaces
above to be ignited. A bit like the fuel injection part of a car.

Steam lines on one end of the turbines
that actually generate the electricity
These are just two of many many points where
burners ignite the coal dust. Think of them kind of like giant spark plugs.
Except they actually burn oil and have their own spark plugs to ignite them.
Once the coal is ignited their shut off and the process becomes self sustaining
A view from the roof of the plant looking out over the coal field.

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cile said...

Whoa! This series is going to be GREAT!