Friday, February 12, 2016

Opening in Pendleton

I arrived in Pendleton Oregon to deliver the paintings just as it was getting dark. It was the first time I've ever seen my name in lights, which was a little weird.

We hung the show the following day, one day before the opening. After that I had a little spare time. I needed to pick up something from the hardware store and was surprised to see a color flyer for the show up in the window.

I saw it again at a local restaurant and again in the window of the bookstore.

The day of the show I stopped in at a different restaurant to grab a sandwich and there I was on the table.

Pendleton sure made me feel welcomes.

Unfortunately all of my shots of the actual opening came out blurry. I'lll try to get better ones and post them later.

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cile said...

This is so very excellent! Made me smile big smiles...Good luck with the show, David!