Thursday, April 21, 2016

Mural Funding

As part of my effort to raise money for the mural in North Portland on Mississippi Avenue I am offering these paintings at slightly below their regular gallery price. Instead of simply paying me, the proceeds will go directly toward expenses involved in the mural project. For a donation of $2475 you can choose any one of the paintings below. If you are in the Portland Metropolitan Area I will personally deliver the original to your door (If you live somewhere else I am afraid to inform you that insanely expensive shipping charges may apply. OK not that insane. Just enough to make the total more or less match the original gallery price of the painting).

note: Hatchfund is a non-profit and your donation is tax deductible. But Hatchfund requires an additional 10% in order to run their programs so the actual donation amount to the project is $2250. The good news is that the entire amount that you pay (minus $100 material costs) is completely tax deductible!

"Hovel"  oil on canvas  34" x 50"

"Robinson"  oil on canvas  45" x 52"

"Root"  oil on canvas  48" x 35"
"Truffula"  oil on canvas  35" x 50"

"Witness"  oil on canvas  35" x 50"

"Under the Hawthorne Bridge"  oil on canvas  50" x 50"

"Under Water no.2"  oil on canvas  37" x 41"

"The Cedar"  oil on canvas  30" x 52"

"Containers"  oil on canvas  42" x 42"

"City Map"  oil on canvas  49" x 41"

"Coda"  oil on canvas  40" x 50"

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