Thursday, January 28, 2010

New slides

So I finally got some more slides done. I'm having some color issues which is weird since I'm supposed to be the color control guy at my day job (which I don't want to get into, because it is lame). When I post them they seem garish all of a sudden.
Anyway the titles here are mostly tentative.
You can click on the images to view them a little bit larger.
Enjoy. Or don't. Whatever. I'm feeling ambivalent myself.

Studio at Night
(In which I pretend that the end of the world is imminent while I'm absorbed in making my little pictures)

"Linden Tree"
(one of the trees in the park near our house after which my daughter is named)

"Muddy Road"
(My wife and the guy who takes my slides don't like this one but I thought it came out pretty good. But then I'm rarely the best judge of my own work)

"The Fox"
I had this one re-shot because the previous slide had some glare on the left.

"Three Blind Mice"
(More of a joke than a work of art. Maybe a nice illustration for children's rhymes)

Thursday, January 7, 2010


[A rant written during my last painting session back in mid-December]

The truth is I have no idea if I'm any good. I paint scenes that look good to me and then think to myself, "I have no idea what that would really look like". I use photo references when I can but mostly I'm just painting completely out of my head. If I pay special attention and try to copy the details out of a photo I think the painting usually comes out better, but I always want to make it all up anyway. What the hell am I doing?

[and now... back to work. painting tonight. wish me luck cybervoid.]