Tuesday, September 17, 2019

A Journal entry

Most of what passes for important art is meant to shock and provoke, to push boundaries and challenge norms. Which is fine. Boundaries always need to be pushed and norms challenged although much of it fails to do so. A lot of this work is politically oriented and most of that does little more than mirror the chaotic political changes occurring with or without such art.

I was never much interested in shock and provocation, even as a young man. The profound and the sublime always seemed more meaningful to me. I've never imagined that I succeed in capturing or conveying this other ineffable calling of art. Sometimes an artist like Van Gogh managed to do both. Of course now his work is so mainstreamed into commercial consumption that the rebelliousness of it is mostly a historical note. Its sublimity remains for anyone who makes the effort to look.

I only ever wanted to express myself, like Horton's Who yopping to the world so it would know I was here, to express something of myself, to say "This is how the world makes me feel: awed, sad, delighted, lonely, giddy, solemn, bewitched." My greatest hope is that someone connects to a single piece of my art with some fraction of this same complex experience.

I'm not trying to change the world. It needs changing. Always. But my art is my voice and I was never one to shout in protest no matter how angry I felt. Others were always louder and angrier. I only wanted to find a way to show others the things that moved me but seemed inexpressible in words.

Raincloud - oil on paper - 12" x 16"

Light - oil on paper - 12" x 16"

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Boise Mural progress

I'm in Boise, Idaho working on mural number 2!
I won't post the design here, just a few details so far...

receding taillights ahead

headlights off in the distance

starry skies
Here's the wall and an early progress photo. More to come. As always, click on images to view larger.

I have not been keeping up with this blog. I completely forgot to post anything about my Corvallis show which is still up. I'll add more on that soon.

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Mural Complete

All that's left now is the anti-graffiti coating, then send out those thank you gifts to all of you super generous donors out there and this whole project officially becomes the past. It was a lot of fun.

On N. Mississippi Ave. between Fremont and Cook at Ecliptic Brewing.

Friday, July 15, 2016

North Portland Mural in progress

...and progress is going much faster than I could have possibly imagined. Still a lot to do but thought I'd share a collection of photos of how far I've gotten so far.

June 19
June 24

June 26

June 30

July 10

July 15

July 15

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Raffle at Ecliptic

Ecliptic Brewing is doing a Mississippi Ave gift basket raffle to raise money for the mural project.
I'm including one of 60 limited edition prints of the original mural design in the basket. If you go down to Ecliptic in person you might be able to get it for $1, plus a whole bunch of other great stuff. Like a $100 gift certificate at the popular restaurant Por qué No!

The drawing will be held June 8.

If you'd like to contribute to the mural directly you can do so at:

1/60 8" x 20" signed print on archival rag paper

Also Included in basket:

$100 Por Que No Gift Card
$50 Paxton Gate Gift Card
$50 Ecliptic Brewing Gift Card
$25 Rebuilding Center Gift Card
$25 Stormbreaker Gift Card
$25 HalfPint Gift Card
$20 The Herbe Shoppe Gift Card
$20 Oregon Deli Co Gift Card
$10 Black Wagon Gift Card
1 Guitar or Ukulele Lesson @Anthemtown
Sun Lan Gift Bag with Bulbs
Love Oregon Growler
8X20 Print from David
Ecliptic Brewing T-Shirt
Ecliptic Brewing Hat
Ecliptic Brewing Keychain

Monday, April 25, 2016

Bumper Sticker design

text: Portland OR
2016 mural design for North Mississippi Avenue by David Carmack Lewis

3.5" x 10" Bumper Sticker for donations of $40 or more


Mural T-Shirt design

Another perk in support of my mural project this summer. For donations of $70 or more.

Note: This design is not final but the t-shirt will feature the mural as the primary design element.