Thursday, June 23, 2011

Arts West

I was informed that I'll be participating in a show at Arts West, a theater and gallery up in Seattle, this fall. It'll be a group show with about 5 pieces, maybe. They plan the art shows by choosing artists whose visual work somehow or another relates to, or has something in common with, the plays that will be running concurrently. I like that idea, but I'm especially pleased with the plays that will be running while my work is there. One is a play about marital revenge in which the wife ties up her cheating husband in the woods and covers him with honey to await the bears. The second is "Evil Dead The Musical". My favorite press quote about my work came from the Portland Mercury and described it as somewhere between Vincent Van Gogh and a horror movie backdrop. So something consistent must be going on here.

Note: This is not the actual ad currently being used for the musical, but I rather liked it.