Thursday, November 7, 2013

Rock Circles at Playa

 In addition to painting while at Playa, I stuffed small stones into my pockets while walking back and forth from my cabin to the main building along the seemingly gray gravel paths. During my first visit I had made a long row showing the intense variation in rock color. This time I converted that idea into a kind of color wheel. I did a small version in my studio (see this post), then turned it into a larger one on a concrete platform atop small hillock near some of the cabins. I also made a black and white circle in a gravelled area up on a nearby hill across the road from the residency. The black and white circle kind of reminded me of the cold ashes of a fire-pit which ties in nicely with the paintings. Doing these was a pleasant, almost meditative way to leave something behind.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Fire studies from Playa

Here are some better scans of the small (12"x16") fire studies that I completed while at my residency in Summer Lake, Oregon, plus a sample of some of my other studies of the same size. Thank you Playa! To see my big 4' x9.5' forest burn painting see my previous post. I'll get a better reproduction of that one posted once it is fully completed and stretched, which may take a while. My goals for this little project keep growing in my mind (not unlike a fire with plenty of fuel to burn)... more to come... eventually.

You can view any of the pieces slightly larger by clicking on the image.