Saturday, May 16, 2015

Three Boardman Studies

Here's three new Boardman studies based on my trip to the coal plant in Boardman Oregon this February.

Boardman Coal Plant Study no. 3 (Boiler Feed Pump Turbine) 
Boardman Coal Plant Study no. 4 (Burner)
This is just one of 32 burners that spew coal dust into the plant for combustion.
Boardman Coal Plant Study no. 2 (Ash Hopper)

Monday, May 11, 2015

People's Choice

My painting Burn in background at the West Coast Biennial in Redding CA.

This weekend I drove down to Redding California to pick up my painting "Burn" from the West Coast Biennial at the Turtle Bay Exploration Park Museum. When I got there I was told, "By the way, congratulations. You won the 'People's Choice' award".

I was and am incredibly touched. There is often a huge chasm between the aesthetics of the fine art world and the general public. What curators, museum directors and art critics pick out as noteworthy is often completely alien and incomprehensible to the individual who is likely to say, "I don't much about art but I know what I like." Personally I never saw any reason why one couldn't or shouldn't try to engage both audiences. The fact that Bonnie Laing-Malcomson, the curator of northwest art at the Portland Art Museum selected my piece to be included in this show was enormously gratifying to me. Winning the "People's Choice" award is equally so, and gives me hope that my work can occasionally bridge that yawning chasm.

"Burn (Cascade Creek Fire, Mt. Adams WA 2012)" 48" x 114" oil on canvas