Tuesday, December 21, 2010


There's a lot of social networking sites for artists and I've posted on several of them. Can't hurt, right?
Well, I was happy to find out one of my images is featured on the homepage of one of them this week (Dec. 21-27 2010). Kind of cool.
Check it out: www.bluecanvas.com

Thursday, December 16, 2010

New Paintings

I just got slides back the other day from Jake over at Blue Moon. Thanks again!
So without further ado...
(click on the images to view them a good deal bigger!)

"Underworld"  oil on canvas  2010
It started off with a fox but I just couldn't get it to look right. So then I decided it didn't really need a character at all. And then late at night I changed my mind again and added the bunny. Okay, rabbit. But bunny is funnier. Anyway I like it. It make me laugh.

"Prelude no. 2"
at least that's the title for now, in reference to "Prelude to an Encounter" which would be no. 1
This one is very simple but I'm proud of it. At least for now. My opinion of my own work is as variable as the weather.

I stole both the concept and title for this piece from this very different image by Nick Sheehy (aka Showchicken). You can see his work on his Flickr page.

Currently untitled
A cedar tree. "Cedar"?  "Barrier"?  "Between"?  I don't know.

The slide on this one had a lot of glare on it. I was able to fix it up pretty good in Photoshop but Jake's going to reshoot it anyway. This is only my second theater/public space painting of which I hope to do many more.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I'm a tiny little virus

So someone (a Maria Rodrigues) posted a whole pile of my paintings on her blog, called Dark Silence of Suburbia (I like the name) and a lot of them started getting re-posted all over the place. It's very strange to me. I've been blogging away, for my own entertainment mostly, for 2 years (here and on my other blog) and have never see anything like this. The people who are re-posting stuff have already moved on to posting new images just minutes later, so I expect the whole thing will die out before the hour's through. Not exactly a pandemic, but who knows what new hosts may keep my tiny little virus alive. Thanks Maria!
Check it out: http://darksilenceinsuburbia.tumblr.com/