Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I just don't sketch enough

Hell, I work full time and I'm a new dad and I still paint. So filling this blog with nothing but my boring sketches would be a little slow. So I'm adding occasional and curious images that intrigue or inspire me. Here goes..


Rob Reeves said...

When my first son was born I had to practically abandon my artwork. Took a little time, but they get big enough to let you get some work done eventually. Hang in there. Sketching may be all you have time for.


carmackart said...

I still paint actually. I stay up late one night a week and pass out on the couch. I also throw in an hour here and an hour there through the week. Our daughter was born in June and I manged to get 7 new pieces done for a group show in Michigan in November. And sold three! Celebration, christmas isn't cancelled.
Thanks for the encouragement though,