Friday, October 16, 2009

My drunk Artist Statement

(Or... Thinking About Myself When The Family is Away)

The night I paint is not the real night. It is not informed by photography (references are, if any, daylight shots) nor do I work "Pein Air". I'm sure as hell not Vincent van Gogh.

My night is of the imagination, of a longing for night when life keeps you shackled, oh so surely, to the day. Night is solitude and loneliness, two sides of a coin I keep bright and polished in my pocket.

Being happily married and a father keeps me from fetching out that coin as often as I used to, so I paint what it represents. It is another life, full of uneasiness and mystery, humor and fear, possibility and sadness. It is a life I only dream about, because I choose to be awake. That way lies madness, but there are some pretty pictures to be got out of it.

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