Monday, December 7, 2009

The Experiment

Here's another short animation from my college days. This one is very similar to the previous "Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hatrack"
the walking at the beginning is pretty awful but the rest came out ok I think.



TunacanJones said...

my god, that is soooo cool! don't underestimate yourself on those animations. i would love to see you tackle a full on short story/film.

carmackart said...

Ha! Maybe when I'm divorced, retired, and living in a cave in the Hebrides. Just me, my light table and all the time in the world!

TunacanJones said...

You should do a drawing a day! See what you have in a year.

Crawdad Jones said...

YEATH! Was that the day everybody reserved the room, drank the whole time, and then realized 3 hours in that there was no film in the camera? AWESOME!