Tuesday, February 15, 2011

New Blurb

“I paint at night. It’s often the only time I can. I paint alone. I would hardly know how to do otherwise. These two elements then, not only pervade my work, they are my work. They are the things I paint. My paintings are rarely premeditated. I approach every blank canvas with a kind of depressing horror at my inadequacies as an artist. The only way around this is to simply start. I draw a tree, a house, a line that may or not be a horizon. Unformed ideas develop directly on the canvas, the concept sometimes evolving throughout the painting process. With short breaks to clear my mind I peer out of the studio door. The night is there, dim lights of the neighborhood prying open pieces of the darkness. I’m alone. I listen to music. I listen to lectures. My thoughts stray. This is how I work. This work is my mind when it is left alone to wander. In the dark, of course. This is what I find there.”

A New blurb to use in the promotional material for my upcoming solo show in April.  I think.

1 comment:

Denny said...

nice house and atmosphere in this painting...i want to go inside, have a few beers and tell ghost stories.