Monday, March 26, 2012

Two more oil paintings

"En Route"  49"w x 36"h  oil on canvas

"Witness"  36"w x 50"h  oil on canvas
Two more pieces stretched and photographed thanks to my sister-in-lay Beth who kept the kids all day last Friday. Thanks Beth! Both of these were done at Playa.

"En Route" is kind of a portrait of route 31 which runs right by the residency program. I used to walk out there most nights and wait for cars to go by. Everything would be silent... then in the distance you hear a slight hum. A new light begins to flood the hillside and suddenly the car roars past. In no time the red glow of the tail lights was fades into the night and the silence returns. When they fly past at 70mph it felt a little like seeing into the future from some distant past.

"Witness" is simply a document of one of the thousands of dead trees left over from a fire that raged across Winter Ridge in 2002. They were eerily beautiful.

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