Sunday, March 24, 2013

Chair Paintings at home

The owner of my painting "Loser" from way back in 2006 or something, commissioned these two small chair paintings to accompany it. It was a great idea. Here's what she wrote when she emailed me the photo, which I thought was a good insightful description of the whole deal:

Hi David, here is a photo of the paintings together. They work well. There is a whole other layer to the narrative of the main painting now, which I really like (as I think I noted to you earlier, I was looking for almost a forensic deconstruction--something has clearly happened in the main painting & the out takes are an attempt to piece together the events. The chairs themselves are pieces of evidence, yet what they tell us is ambiguous). I'm very pleased with the result and hope it was a fun exercise for you. Strange isn't it, how things evolve--but good, layers are good.

Best regards,

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