Wednesday, September 9, 2009

George Fox University Show

Well the show at George Fox University looked nice. "Trial by fire" was the title. All those fire paintings in one place. Very warm. With ceramics and another 2-d artist (not shown, sorry Kim).
The opening was from 5-6:30 so of course we got there a little after 6. That was because traffic through the hell that is Tigard was unbelievable, i.e. normal for that time of day. Our nerves were a little frayed because the baby woke up long before we got there and started practicing her screaming, which she's getting pretty good at. KJ tried to help by climbing in the back seat with her but that only got us pulled over by the cops.
I was ready for some whiskey but it was a dry opening and anyway, I had to come to work this morning so it's just as well. Our host, artist, university proff and gallery coordinator Tim Timmerman treated us to nice gathering at his house afterward. Thanks Tim.

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