Thursday, September 17, 2009

The House Studios

Phoenix, Arizona

For a While I lived solely off my art. Not very well mind you. and my rent was $150 per month. That was because of the House studios, an old crappy house that Robert Anderson turned into a little commune of sorts. for a while it was a strange little idyllic place in the wasteland that was downtown Phoenix. Eventually we all moved on. Then it was an abandoned house once more.
Now it has burned to the ground. There's a painting in this for sure.

Oct. 2008

Sept. 2009

The upstairs of this separate building in back was my studio.

Here's a link to the actual fire.

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cile said...

This event give me pause in light of your recent paintings with the fires, David. There is a premonitory feel now in your work in hindsight. Thank you for sharing the pictures. We all went on our way blessed with so much from those times. A raging, passionate flame taking the House Studio feels appropriate somehow. Much more suitable than a dozer pushing the past aside to make way for more urban mediocrity.